Thyreoidea compositum
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Thyreoidea compositum


Stimulation of all the body´s glandular functions. The body can attempt to decompose a tumour by means of ulceration. Thyreoidea compositum, together with Hepar compositum,Coenzyme compositum Ubichnon compositum and Glyoxal, can lead to astonishing results.

Composition: Injection solution: 2.2 ml containing: Glandula thyreoidea suis D8, Thymus suis D10, Corpus pineale suis D8, Splen suis D10, Medulla ossis suis D10, Funiculus umbilicalis suis D10, Hepar suis D10, Galium aparine D4, Sedum acre D6, Sempervivum tectorum D6, Conium maculatum D4, Spongia D8, Acidum sarcolacticum D3, Fucus vesiculosus D6, Calcium fluo-ratum D10, Colchicum autumnale D4, Viscum album D3, Cortisonum aceticum D28, Pulsatilla pratensis D8, Sulfur D10, Natrium diethyloxalaceticum D8, Acidum fumaricum D8, Acidum DL-malicum D8, Acidum alpha-ketoglutaricum D8, Adenosinum triphosphoricum D8 22 pi each.

Contraindications: Pregnancy. The preparation includes several io­dine-containing ingredients. In cases of thyroid disorder with re­duced iodine tolerance use only on the advice of a physician.

Side effects: Aggravation of existing hyperthyroidism. Intravenous administration may cause hypersensitivity reactions and sudden ' drop of blood pressure.

Interactions with other medication: None known. Dosage: In general, 1-3 times weekly 1 ampule i.m., s.c., i.d., or if necessary i.v.

Pack of 10 ampoules.

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