Traditionally, flower essences have been prepared in the same way, that is, water and solar extraction of the vibrational energy of the flower. The most famous of those made commercial, are the well known Bach flowers.    Others have followed, with varying degrees of success. The ones we favor and use, are those that are indigenous to the cultur...

Traditionally, flower essences have been prepared in the same way, that is, water and solar extraction of the vibrational energy of the flower. The most famous of those made commercial, are the well known Bach flowers.    Others have followed, with varying degrees of success. The ones we favor and use, are those that are indigenous to the cultures of the Mediterranean region. The practice of using flower remedies is an old tradition, passed down by word of mouth, and was/is regarded by some as superstition and not to be taken seriously. Results speak differently however, and flower remedies are here to stay.    Modern scientific thought, would have us believe, that these remedies function as a consequence of the action of pheromones.br     On this premise, we in our laboratory, have isolated traditional flower remedies that best help us in homeopathic psychiatry and have amplified their function by homeopathic attenuation.    Twelve of the most useful remedies in 200C are listed below - this has shown to be the most useful potency.    Bach flowers and mixtures thereof are also available in 200C.


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  • Advance

    INSTINCT INHERITED MEMORY AND KARMA /CAUSE AND EFFECTWhen a spider spins it´s web, or a puppy looks for a breast, this is a result of inherited memory that has become part of, or has influenced the codes of DNA. That inherited memory exists is no longer in dispute. The evidence of behaviour patterns between estranged siblings being the same, put the final nail into the coffin of the naysayers. But, how far and to what degree do inherited memories affect us? Most people have an inbuilt fear of snakes and spiders. Somewhere in our ancestry it was learned and passed down through our genes, that these creatures can be a threat. Phobias fall into this category too.The collective unconscious mind, which we access sometimes while dreaming or accessed by clairvoyants is a unexplored area by scientists for the large part but, has been extensively researched by the fathers of modern psychology and, has been a part of religious practice forever. How much of what we feel disturbing us is infiltration by recordings in this area of mind that we all share, this area of the mind that conducts our prayers to the desired entity. How much do we feel influenced by past lives we have lived, and for some, the question is, do previous lives exist, or is it the collective unconscious mind that lets us see memories that are not ours yet feel like ours?Spiritual DNA is composed of all of these factors. We can regress to the point that past lives appear to be simultaneous or, historical events we recognise during past life regression just don't seem to have given us enough time to be born and have died only to be born again in order for us to have had both experiences. What happened, did time bend? Did the entity split and incarnate into two bodies simultaneously? No, this is where we access our own memories and also access memories of others, that are stored in the collective unconscious in order, to teach us all. To place in our own subconscious minds the lessons of others.What does this leave us with? Blockages in our attracting power, that may or may not have been of our making. Guilt, is the single worst enemy of mankind. If I did something wrong, I must be punished, goes the belief. If my child has sinned, perhaps if I sacrifice something, God will forgive them......and so on. We as a collective human race, need to reinstate our innocence. Do no harm, simple, but what about all these recordings that block our ADVANCE?Each of our 12 remedies relate to a kind of emotional state that each acupuncture meridian should make us feel. The 7 most known chakras, come into harmony when the meridians are in balance. To maintain balance after neuro-linguistic programming or Mantra Therapy or even acupuncture and Reiki for example we need to keep the mind in a state of harmony that defies living in an earth environment. We need to relate to people, we need to keep our feet on the ground On earth as in Heaven" To escape from the responsibility of life by hiding away inside spiritual bliss, does not ensure a successful life, at least to those who depend on us. The 12 remedies maintain a vibrational balance throughout our being even while we give in occasionally to anger jealousy and any other instincts we are trying to erase. The 3 focus remedies can be taken at any time, but the basic remedies need to be used in order to fully open the mind to change and ADVANCEMENT.

  • Flowerceutica

    The “Flowerceutica” flower essences are subtle liquid extracts used for the well being and relief of physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.
    Considering that the human mind is extremely complex, our floral designs have been designed to deal with the deeper and more primitive aspects of the mind.
    According to Dr. Neal Pretorius (the creator of the Flowerceuitca florals), the present human being has evolved in such a way that it has become a highly complex species. As a highly complex species that is, it makes use of the logic, education and tradition inherent to the environment where it is inserted. However, this evolution has generated a social structure that restricts and limits the expression of our most primitive fears. This, in turn, leads to irrational disturbances that we rarely understand.
    Taking all of the aforementioned aspects into account, these floral blends were designed to reflect, enhance and augment the evolutionary process by breaking the barrier that restricts the elimination of the primitive fear that is common to all of us, namely the fear of extinction.
    The orchid mixture that makes up the flowers represents the inherited desire to represent ourselves in our own culture. It aims to deal with more current and cultural aspects of the mind.
    The wild flower that is present in the different florals represents the primitive fear that needs to be eliminated. It deals with the irrational aspects that transcend logic and correspond to our deepest fears. These fears are imprinted on our DNA and need to be removed. These are typically the parts of us that we do not like and that we hide from others.

    What are flower essences and who was responsible for their discovery?

    Floral essences are bioenergetic impressions of a flower’s life force. They are of a vibrational nature and their impact on the body is effected through resonance, encouraging change and transformation.

    These aim to stimulate an internal dialogue with hidden aspects of the Human, awakening deep archetypes, giving us access to their messages. From this process result deep emotional and mental changes. These function as catalysts, stimulating and energizing the internal transformative process, developing our innate capabilities.

    Flower Essence Therapy is part of the group of natural treatments that helps to balance the mental and emotional, especially in a society where emotions are often left to the background and the degree of stress and anxiety reaches alarming values. The result of the treatment by Flower Essences becomes holistic because in treating our emotional and mental forum, we also notice improvements in physical level.

    Florals are non-toxic, have no side effects and are not subject to drug interactions.

    How are flower essences made?

    They are prepared through a solar infusion of wild and endemic flowers growing on the volcanic soils of Madeira and orchids sourced from around the globe .These solar infusions are diluted and enhanced by hand, by Flowerceutica naturopaths who pay special attention to the purity of the environment, the vibration and potency of the flowers and bulbs used, the meteorological and celestial conditions and the energy properties of the plants throughout the growth cycles.

    How do flower essences work?

    Although flower essences are often confused with other products sold in solutions for use with droplets mixed in water, it is important to remember that flower essences do not work due to the chemical composition contained in the bottle, but rather to the life force of the contained plant in the matrix present in the water.
    Just as other homeopathic products work, the flower essences are vibrational by their nature.
    Their effect and impact is not due to any biochemical interaction in the physiology of the organism, but rather due to its impact on the various energetic fields of the human entity, which in turn has a direct effect on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the individual.

    Preparation and dosage

    The florals are selected according to each case and are combined into one blend.
    The spectrum of action of the orchid essences and the flowers is very broad and unique.

    Preparation and dosage
    The florals are selected according to each paradigm and are combined into one blend.
    The spectrum of action of the orchid essences in the flowers is very comprehensive and it is rarely necessary to use more than three essences at a time.
    A mixture of more than six flowers at a time is never used.

    Take 2 to 5 drops into 200ml of water and sip from it 4 times a day

    How to choose a floral essence?
    To choose a floral essence suited to your needs, just consult our table with the respective emotional symptoms associated with each floral. From this table you will be able to find the floral that is closest to the emotional paradigm that needs to be overcome.

    What happens if I take an essence by mistake?

    Taking into account that flower essences work at the energy level if your system does not need the essence there will be no effect. Flower essences are safe and non-toxic.

    Are there any side effects?

    Is it possible to have an overdose?

    Can flower essences interact with my medication?

    In cases of sensitivity to alcohol is it still possible to consume flower essences?
    Yes, just put the drops of the respective floral in hot water in order to promote the evaporation of the alcohol. The alcohol is merely use as a natural preservativ

  • Orchids

    The Floral Essences are 100% natural and produced in our laboratory, under medical control. They can be used to heal physical and spiritual issues, and to help us to evolve and develop positive capacities, by aligning our chakras. Our essences are inside medicine bottles (50 ml) and they are made using orchids, as well as other homeopatic plants.

    Please, feel free to browse our catalog bellow, to know more about each essence.

    Chakras are centers of spiritual energy in the human body. There are seven major centers which control many lesser centers throughout the body. Five of the major centers are located along the spine and two in the head. The chakras affect the functioning and structure of the tissues of the body, including the organs, as they influence the endocrine system and its hormones. They are also associated with various aspects of our experience on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

    How to use?
    Directly: 1-2 drops, 2 times per day, under your tongue.
    Water bottle: 4 drops in 0,33 l water bottle, drink during the day.
    Bath: 8 drops in bath water.

    How many essences can I mix?
    Free mix up til 12, but 4 is the ideal number.

    Duration of the treatment
    After 3-4 weeks you will feel a positive change – if not, try another essence.

    Use in animals
    In small animals, use half of the dosage recommended for you.