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Injection Revitalize the male function, Enhance male fertility. Testis compositum Ampoules Injection solution Composition: Injection solution: 2.2 ml cont.: Testis suis D 4, Embryo suis D 8, Glandula suprarenalis suis D 13, Kalium picrinicum D 6, Ginseng D 4, Damiana suis D 8, Caladium seguinum D 6, Cor suis D 8, Cortisonum aceticum D 13, Agnus castus D 6, Selenium D 10, Strychninum phosphoricum D 6, Cantharis D 8, Curare D 8, Conium D 28, Lycopodium D 28, Phosphorus D 8, Diencephalon suis D 10, Magnesium phosphoricum D 10, Ferrum phosphoricum D 10, Manganum phosphoricum D 8, Zincum metallicum D 10, Acidum ascorbicum D 6 22 µl each. Indications: Stimulation of organ functions in cases of dystrophia adiposogenitalis (among males), ejaculatio praecox, impotentia virilis, nocturnal enuresis, dystrophia musculorum progressiva, exhaustion, induratio penis plastica, osteomalacia (among males), diabetes mellitus and in other various metabolic disturbances, damaged liver. Stimulation of the regressive vicariation. Dosage: In general, 3-1 times weekly 1 ampoule i.m., s.c., i.d., or if necessary, i.v. Pharmacological and clinical notes Testis suis (testicle) Revitalizing factor, impotentia virilis, conditions of exhaustion. Embryo suis (embryo) For revitalization in cellular phases, arteriosclerosis, muscular dystrophy. Glandula suprarenalis suis (suprarenal capsule) Conditions of exhaustion, adrenal insufficiency Kalium picrinicum (potassium picrate) Conditions of exhaustion, e.g. as a result of over work Ginseng (ginseng root) Conditions of exhaustion of all kinds. Damiana (damiana) Impotence, neurasthenia. Caladium seguinum (caladium) Pruritus, impotence. Cor suis (heart) Disturbances of the coronary circulation, cardiac insufficiency. Cortisonum aceticum (cortisone acetate) Impairment of the cortex of the suprarenal gland, pituitary gland and connective tissue. Agnus castus (chaste tree) Sexual weakness, painless leucorrhoea, mental depression. Selenium (selenium) Sexual weakness, possibly also ejaculation praecox, prostatic adenoma (1st stage) with trickles of urine after micturition, lack of concentration, neurasthenia Strychninum phosphoricum (strychnine phosphate) Symptoms of exhaustion, sleeplessness, irritability, hyperhidrosis, chorea minor, paresis of various kinds. Cantharis (Spanish fly) Serious strangury with burning pains, hydrophobia. Curare (arrow poison) Paralysis or weakness of the musculature, especially after over-exertion, dyspnea, vertigo. Conium (spotted hemlock) Vertigo upon every change of position, strangury, poor memory, neoplasm phases, geriatric remedy. Lycopodium (club-moss) Impotence, prostatic adenoma, diseases of the liver, gall bladder and bile duct; uric acid diathesis, polyuria. Phosphorus (phosphorus) Remedy for affections of the parenchyma, glomerulonephritis with haematuria. Diencephalon (interbrain) Regulation of the vegetative control functions. Magnesium phosphoricum (magnesium phosphate) Neuralgia, tendency towards cramps, conditions of exhaustion. Ferrum phosphoricum (iron phosphate) Feverish and inflammatory conditions, enuresis Manganum phosphoricum (managanese phosphate) Conditions of exhaustion with anaemia. Zincum metallicum (zinc) Conditions of irritation of the central and peripheral nervous system, e.g. nervous urinary disorders. Acidum ascorbicum (Vitamin C) Co-factor for enzyme functions (redox systems) Pack of 10 ampoules.

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