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Indications: Coxsackie-Virus-A9-Injeel has proved especially valuable in enteric diseases, e.g. gastro-intestinal affections such as gastritis, duodenitis, and particularly, colitis mucosa et ulcerosa (the optimum treatment is by local in the twentieth point of the colon, which lies in the nasolabial sulcus); colon irritabile, chronically recurrent intestinal infections; further, affections of the urinary passages such as cystopyelitis, urethritis, cystalgia, prostatitis, epididymitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, laryngitis, sinobronchial syndrome, bronchial asthma.

composition: 1 ampoule contains 1.1 ml (= 1.1 g): Active ingredients: Cox sackie virus A9 nosode Dil. D15 (HAB, rule 44) 0.367 g, coxsackie A9 virus nosode Dil. D30 (HAB, rule 44) 0.367 g, coxsackievirus A9 Dil nosode. D200 (HAB, rule 44) 0.367 g Common potentiation over the last 3 stages according to HAB. Excipients: sodium chloride.

Pack of Liquid dilution for injection. 10 ampoules of 1.1 ml

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