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About Us

We are a group, consisting of a Botanist, an organic farmer, two homeopaths and an engineer. We grow and prepare a lot of our own remedies, and buy others only from trusted sources.  Our business is to find health solutions for people using knowledge and expertise we have respectively acquired over a period of thirty odd years. For us, this site is more than a commercial enterprise; it is an extension of our way of life.

From time to time, product information will be added to and updated, making it easier for you to assist yourself through the business of living inside a body that is prone to illness for a variety of factors. Health is not just a question of lifestyle, it involves to a very large extent what we ingest and, likewise what we ingest is most often what will cure us.

It is our mission, to be the only resource you need for natural health care, and like everything else in life we are open to improvement. This is our commitment: to constantly improve the quality of our service to you.

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