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Strumeel forte N (30ml)

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Drops Enlarged Thyroid, slow thyroid and goitre. Can be used with success to speed up metabolism. composition: Spongia 2X 25 ml, 3X 15 ml Calcium jodatum. each; Silicea 8X Fucus vesiculosus 3X ana 5 ml. each; (10 drops cont. 35mg. Iodine). Contains 40% alcohol Vol. dosage: In general, 10 drops directly on the tongue 3 times daily. Pharmacological and clinical notes constituents Indications Spongia (roasted sea sponge) Struma colloids et parenchymatosa, glandular swelling, dry cough similar to croup, myocardial impairment. Jodatum Calcium (calcium iodide) Struma, tonsillar hypertrophy, scrofulous glands. Silicea (silica) Weakness of the connective tissue and constitutional weakness; rachitic, dystrophic, exudative and scrofulous children; Iymphatism. Fucus vesiculosus (atnbladder-wrack) Scrofulous glandular swelling struma, adiposis. Bottle of 30ml

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